Nadine and Dave enjoying a little Autumn fun in the back yard.  “We were laying out the patio and walkway around the pool when suddenly Dave had to give the water a try,” says Nadine of her husband and joint owner in their AirBnb Ashland adventure.

Path to Pool at Wood Hamlet Ashland AirBnB

Learning to work together after 30 years of marriage is handy when putting together and running Wood Hamlet Ashland AirBnb’s. Dave installed the pool but it takes two to add patios, pathways and stairs.  “We are anxious to get the stone work finished so that we can move on to the trees and front and back gardens,” Nadine tells us. “We need to have it done by March when the Oregon Shakespeare Festival starts up again.  Rooms are already filling for the next season and guests are expecting outdoor as well as indoor places to relax and rejuvenate.”