Forest Bathing Dog - Louie

“At dawn,
is in the eye
of the sun.”
– Louie Lefkowitz

When we enter the forest, we let go of the tame world and enter a place of mystery, beauty, and peace. We may run for exercise and fun, but we can’t resist stopping for a Forest bath. We smell the damp Forest floor.  We hear the sound of the Forest symphony.  We open our eyes wide, taking in the ever-changing Forest sites. We have a passion for the Forest. We invite you to journey with us into the Forest. – Nadine, (with pup Louie) is a Nature & Forest Therapy Guide.
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Nature & Forest Therapy Guiding

Exploring textures up close and intimate.

Forest Bathing in Sycamore Grove

Wide and open spaces like this Sycamore Grove in Ashland, Oregon
can be a place of wonder too.