Dog Forest Bathing - Louie Forest Bathing

“In the here and the now.” – Louie Lefkowitz

Nature & Forest Therapy Guide

Nadine, your Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, will be taking us on a 2-hour sensory walk, and stop, in the Forest.  We will be Forest Bathing. This is an opportunity to leave your day-to-day life behind and allow yourself to slow down and experience the Forest in a way that will surprise even the seasoned Forester. After a brief introduction we will spend time with Forest Invitations and Forest Gatherings to be concluded with a Tea Ceremony.

“The Forest is our therapist. I will be your guide, opening the door.” – Nadine
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Forest Bathing in Lithia Park Ashland

Forest Bathing is a great way to spend time with a partner. My husband, Dave, has allowed me to be his guide over and over while I’ve been in training. I loved it when he described his response to a Forest Invitation as feeling like he did while on a cross country bike ride with his brother when they were both teenagers. The Forest can evoke memories and feelings you may not otherwise have re-visited.

Forest Bathing with Dog Louie

I take a Forest Bath with my dog every morning. We roll out of bed. I scramble into my clothes and, we head into the Forest. Like everyone, we sometimes consider staying wrapped in the warm covers snuggled deep in a plush comforter but, the thought of what we might miss, sends us on our way.  The exercise is great but we also benefit from stopping and discovering. Even Louie (pup) enjoys settling into a ‘sit-spot’ to observe and maybe, get a kiss.

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Nature & Forest Therapy - Forest Bathing Ashland

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