Honey Bees at Wood Hamlet Ashland

Honey Bees at Wood Hamlet Ashland

Visit Wood Hamlet Ashland Airbnb for excellent service, beautiful gardens, pond for swimming, comfortable unique rooms and for the home grown honey. The Bees work furiously at Wood Hamlet.  Well, the female bees are hard at work. The worker bees are all female and they  protect the hive, ventilate the hive,  forage for pollen and nectar, tend to queens and drones, feed the larvae and basically, assure the production and safety of the honey.

Join us at Wood Hamlet Ashland Airbnb and taste our bees’ ‘nectar of the gods.’ The honey is Devine and locally grown on the premises.

Inspecting the bees >>>

Wood Hamlet Honey Bees
Bees Need Water - Wood Hamlet

One thing that all organisms have in common is the need for water. Bees need water to survive. Searching for, collecting and bringing back water to the hive is one of the worker bees’ jobs. The colony depends on them for this most vital task. The bees use the water for digestion, maintaining a livable temperature and humidity level inside of the hive, and to build the larvae food which needs honey, pollen, and water. At Wood Hamlet we keep a steady and clean supply of water near all of our bees hives.

Never Smoke Our Bees

At Wood Hamlet we choose to never use smoke with our bees, preferring ‘natural’ bee-keeping methods. Natural Bee Keeping Wood Hamlet Ashland

During Winter the bees are calm and you do not have to worry (too much) about getting stung or the bees moving around a lot and getting crushed while you have the hive open. However, more care is needed in the Summer when the bee activity is high and opening the hive can cause distress. Open during the late morning and choose a warm, dry day with no wind.

Honey - Nectar of the Gods

Honey, known as the ‘Nectar of the Gods’ because it was the divine drink of the Olympian gods. In Greek mythology it had magical properties which could confer immortality on any mortal who drank it. Honey is used as a natural sweetener. It is also used to remove a cough, heal wounds and insect bites and it is thought to be useful in improving memory.