Wood Hamlet Refuge for Bike Builders, Yoga Practitioners & Seamstresses

The ‘sewing’ must be good. Kristen traveled from Alaska to meet sister and friend who flew from Wisconsin for their one day of sewing class in Ashland, OR!  Design Outside the Lines with fabric artist Diane Ericson to inspire and guide your inner seamstress.  The trio is relaxing by the Wood Hamlet pond to catch up after a day of flying.  A comfortable night of rest in the Edward Gorey Room is all that is needed before a full day of sewing.

James traveled from Alameda, California to Ashland, Oregon for a two week Bike Frame Building course.  James attended the United Bicycle Institute and successfully crafted his first bike frame. Congratulations James!  And between courses he kicked back at Wood Hamlet Ashland Airbnb in our Miro Room.  Surreal Miro art helped James to rest and rejuvenate each evening, in preparation for another day of hands-on bike building. Wood Hamlet Bike Building Guest

One week of YOGA training enticed Jenn to visit us all the way from Canada.  Jenn enjoyed our Mexico Room between daily yoga sessions at Emerge Hot Yoga where spiritual studies and yoga are a way of life. Here we enjoy the classes final pose at the Elizabethan Outdoor Theater and in costume too!

Wood Hamlet Ashland Airbnb provides guests with quiet, unique rooms each with decor reflecting their names including Noble Forest, Miro, Edward Gorey, Mexico and Picasso.  Guests can also venture outdoors to relax by the pond, take a dip, sit under the grape arbor, stroll or swing at back of garden under the trees.